Chris Williams • Plastic Flame Press

A small design empire in Durham, North Carolina.

The Works

When I started out, I asked printers questions and spent hours on (R.I.P.) trying to suss out what I should do. In return, over the years I’ve been asked many times about what my setup is. It’s not too high tech or fancy, but it gets the job done. Listed below are all the details. I use a vacuum table built by JT Lucchesi (Home Team Graphics) and a drying rack built by me and Steve Oliva (Kitchen Island Show Print). For specifics on those, feel free to drop me a line ( and I’ll do my best to explain, either in words or with pictures.

Victory Factory or Gold-Up USA 23″ x 31″ aluminum frames
230 and 305 yellow mesh

Ulano QTX or Ryonet Hifi Pink Photopolymer Emulsion

500 watt worklamp, with the protective glass removed

Distance from lamp to screen:

Burn time:
4 minutes, 30 seconds

Speedball acrylic

the best I’ve found are from Victory Factory. Yellow/medium weight.

Ulano Stencil Remover Liquid No.4

13″ x 19″ inkjet transparency film (usually picked up on ebay)

Canon Pixma IX6820

French Paper, 80 or 100 lbs cover stock

For any other questions, or for more clarification, feel free to write.
Is this all possible to set up in your house? Yes. Is it possible to set all this up in your apartment? Also yes, just don’t count on getting that deposit back. Make sure to invest in a large rug, something that is on sale when the kids are going back to school.